Flying VR Game

Flying VR Game (working title) 2017

I am learning to work in VR using Unity and the Vive. One of the biggest stumbling blocks in VR is how to move in space without nauseating the viewer but still allowing a full range of motion. While teleporting works for some experiences, I find this method of moving very limiting so I have been working on flying. There are a couple of VR flying games with various techniques, however, I find my "Iron Man" method gives the player full control of movement with limited nausea (results, of course, vary). The effect is very dream-like. The sensation of flying feels oddly familiar, fun, and intuitive - just point the rockets and fire, you go the other way. This piece is very much still a work in progress.

Within the flying game I am working on a series of different environments and mini-games that use this core dynamic.

Colour game 3D

This level is based on my earlier colorgame, only in this version the player is flying in a 3d color picker. The target color is on the "painting" on the wall, and the player's color is the wall itself. In the corners are squares that are either red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, black or white. The player tries to find the space within the color picker that is closest to the target color.

There are four levels, and I've included a "cheat". Squeezing the controller shows the location of where you need to fly to get to the next level.

Prisoner's Revenge

Your task is to keep the giant balls from reaching the pink "goal" by flying into them. This documentation show the earlier iteration of some graphics that have since been updated.

Asymmetrical Tower Climb

In this level a second player plays at the computer, using the keyboard and mouse. The VR player is trying to climb the tower and the player on the keyboard is helping them avoid obstacles. The thrust is limited on this level to a short burst. Landing recharges your thrusters.
I don't have documentation of this level yet, but it is progressing well so far.