mirror contraption for computer camera
Give 'Em Something To Talk About

Give 'Em Something To Talk About

Problem: If Mark Zuckerburg and former FBI director James Comey put tape over their laptop's camera (and they do), it's probably not a completely ridiculous idea. But here's the problem, tape is ugly, unimaginative, and it's easy to get gummy tape residue on your screen. Instead of denying potential hackers and NSA agents your image, why not give 'em something to talk about?
tape on computer camera
Sure, there are software solutions, but Apple promised us that software solutions protected us in the first place. Only a piece of tape gives the user complete confidence ... until now.

Solution: introducing Give 'Em Something To Talk About, an image manipulation tool that transports any potential nefarious viewer to the destination you want. The beach, a prison cell, a drug running a speed boat - the choice is yours! GESTTA uses optics and image manipulation to subvert the camera's view with the same degree of confidence and accuracy that you have with a piece of tape.

With tape you look like a paranoid dweeb, but with "Give 'Em Something To Talk About" you look like a paranoid dweeb ... with style.

How does it work? Two mirror are precisely positioned in front of your computer's camera to intercept the camera's gaze and bounce back harmlessly onto an image of your choosing. Tip: the mirrors will flip the image so put your picture in upside down!
want to see what they are seeing? Fire up Skype or Photobooth - any app that uses your camera will do.

reverse look at cotraption
Building your own Give 'Em Something To Talk About couldn't be simpler - you can use the illustrator file file or pdf below as a guide, or come up with your own design. You may need to change the design to fit your computer. The wood I used is a 3/32" basswood and the mirror is mirrored plastic, both purchased at a local art supply store. I made my GESTTA with a utility blade, but you could use the illustrator file to laser-cut them as well.
The basswood is not the most durable so I used extra supports on the arms - a heartier substance might be better, but basswood is light and looks nice, and the arms seem to be holding up fine with the extra help.
schematic 3D creating of Gestta

I used glue called Zap-A-Gap to put it all together.
pdf download
illustrator download
Want a "Give 'Em Something To Talk About" but don't want to make your own? Make me an offer!